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Lesson 1 – प्रथम पाठः

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     Hope, that the previous article help us to know about the uniqueness of Sanskrit. I would like to hear your comments about our discussions in this blog.

     Well, today we start to discuss about the letters of Sanskrit one by one. The following table discuss a detailed description of Sanskrit letters. Sanskrit Letters are being classified into two ages. They are Ancient Sanskrit Letters & Classical Sanskrit Letters. First we discuss about the Classical Sanskrit Letters, as it is easy to grasp because it is the parent of the modern Hindi Letters. Hindi Letters are commonly known to us, as it can be seen in the Railway Stations, Advertisements and also in the Central Government Official Campus.

The Classical Sanskrit Letters are as below.

Table 1 : Classical Sanskrit Letters – VOWELS स्वर:  swara:

No. अक्षर – Akshara – Letter Transliteration
1. a
2. A
3. i
4. I
6. u
7. U
8. hr
9. hR
10. lr
11. e
12. ai
13. o
14. ou
15. अं am
16. अ: ah

     The above table discuss the Classical Sanskrit Letters with a transliteration script. There are few kinds of translation techniques are developed by many scholars to read the language easily.

     The above letters are considered to be the vowels in the Sanskrit Language. In Sanskrit Vowel means Swara:. The above table has three columns Serial Number as No., अक्षर – AksharaLetter which displays the Sanskrit Letters and the third column displays the transliteration method using English letters.

Other References

English: Sanskrit alphabet with greek subtitle...

Ref : Wikipedia

    The image to the left will explain the letters of Sanskrit with Greek subtitles. This is the actual transliteration script of Sanskrit language accepted by the worldly people.

      Just have a look at this image and post the comments about this article. We will discuss all the letters in the next chapter. Hope this will make you interest in learning Sanskrit.

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