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lesson 4 – चतुर्थ पाठः

These are a few sample words that forms by the combination of letters “संयुक्ताक्षराणि“.

Sno. अक्षराः संयुक्ताक्षरः Pronunciation शब्द: – Word अर्थ – Meaning
1. क् + क क्क kka अक्का Mother
2. क् + त क्त kta भक्तः Devotee
3. क् + म क्म kma रुक्मम् Gold
4. क् + य क्य kya वाक्यम् Sentence
5. क् + र क्र kra वक्रम् Crooked
6. क् + ल क्ल kla शुक्लः White
7. क् + व क्व kva पक्वम् Ripe
8. क् + ष क्ष ksha दक्षः Talented
9. क् + ष् + ण क्ष्ण kshNa तीक्ष्णः Sharp
10. क् + ष् + म क्ष्म kshma सूक्ष्म Subtle

2 responses to “lesson 4 – चतुर्थ पाठः

  1. jegajothy March 29, 2012 at 5:57 AM

    The above table was truncated, i.e. the last right column. any way if u can make the screen bigger. I had even maximized the page, and it still does not show.
    I am just starting to learn sanskrit, and these lessons will be an invaluable additional tool. How can I receive copies of your blog pages or is there anyway to save these to my desktop.
    And finally, what is the name of the sanskrit devanagiri font that u use, I am still researching for one that is easy to install and use.
    Thank u.
    Hare Krishna

    • Sanskrit Institute March 29, 2012 at 10:21 AM

      Dear friend jegajothy,
      For your information, kindly please adjust your screen resolution to 1024X768. This WordPress blog template is best to view in the above resolution or higher than that. Then, you can ask any of your doubts regarding Sanskrit Education. We are ready to discuss with you. you can export the posts by using the command “Print” provided at the bottom of each post. If you want to export it as a PDF it is easy to install “Cute PDF” software provided as a Freeware at Select the Cute PDF Writer in the print dialog and print it.
      We are using the Unicode characters to display the Devanagari font in this blog. We are not using any third party fonts. We suggest you to use the GOOGLE IME for typing Devanagari Font. It is available at as an online version. It is also available as a tool for your personal computer @
      Soon we will release an entirely new approach of Sanskrit Learning Software as an online application @ as well as a desktop application. Now it is under construction.
      We are so happy to receive comments from you. join us in Facebook @
      पठत संस्कृतम् !

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