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Lesson 5 – पञ्चम पाठः

     Today we, use to learn few words which we use casually in our daily life.

Iअहम् – aham अहम् _______________.
Fill up your name above. Nice to meet you dear friend. Let’s go. We search for a listener. I got you. (For me you are my listener). Youत्वम् – tvam. Let we discuss each other.

Hello, I am Hari. – अरे, अहम् हरिःarey, aham harihi.
What is your name? – _________________
I would like to know your name, please comment out below the post.

     Let us speak more about the word I. This is a good philosophy said by our ancestors. In Sanskrit, I mean अहम्. Look the letters those form the word अहम्. अ + ह + म्. The first letter in Sanskrit language is अ. The last letter in Sanskrit language is ह. At last म्. Continue saying this letter …म्… If we sound a letter or simply sound it has some uniqueness. But all the sounds, dissolves in to a common point of sound simply a vibrating sound under a common pitch. It has no end. It continues to vibrate for ever even no one to hear. Like wise, the letters in Sanskrit creates several sounds that mingle in to single sound frequency …म्…

     As this word is used to identify me, I am going to think about myself. Let us all think about us. The first resource which we took from this earth is the air, which continuously vitalizing us from the time of our birth. The first time we inhale through the mouth, there comes the letter अ. And finally, there will be a time for us one day; we must leave this life. We can’t take the air which we inhale from this earth after death. So, we will be exhaled and that elapses. Ha……………. ह. Here comes the letter ह.

     As like as the letters we may be differed by country, literacy, wealth, health, religion, cast, creed, character, color, height, weight and many more. But we need to know that we all dissolve in to a single supernatural power GOD. As the rivers dissolve in to the ocean, we all the same in the hands of GOD. Let us treat each other equally.

May all people be happy! – सर्वे जनाः सुकिनो भवन्तु!

Let us use some objects. For example, Sanskrit, a book and milk. Let us do some work with those objects.

Sno. English Sentence संस्कृत वाक्यम्
1. You read त्वम् पठ.
2. You write त्वम् लिख.
3. You read Sanskrit त्वम् संस्कृतम् पठ.
4. You write Sanskrit त्वम् संस्कृतम् लिख.
5. You read book त्वम् पुस्तकम् पठ.
6. You read a book त्वम् एकम् पुस्तकम् पठ.
7. You write book त्वम् पुस्तकम् लिख.
8. You drink त्वम् पिब.
9. You drink milk त्वम् दुग्घम् पिब.

It seems good, we spoke 9 lines in Sanskrit. This is very very good. Let us appreciate each other. Jayatu Samskrutam – जयतु संस्कृतम् !


Words we have used in the above lines of speech.

Noun as Subject – kartru – कर्तृ:

  1. I – अहम् – aham
  2. You – त्वम् – tvam

Countable Noun – गम्य नामन्

  1. A – एकम् – ekam

Verb – kriyApadAni – क्रियापदानि:

  1. Read – पठ (पठ्) – patha
  2. Read – लिख (लिख्) – likha
  3. Drink – पिब (पिब्) – piba

Note : The words given in the brackets are the root words of the verbs.

Object – अभिसंधि or simply – वस्तु

  1. Sanskrit – संस्कृतम् – samskrutam
  2. Book – पुस्तकम् – pustakam
  3. Milk – दुग्घम्- duggham

Well done! Today we have discussed about two subjects, three verbs and three objects. Now we do some exercise.

Exercise- अभ्यासः

I. Use the words given below and translate the following sentences in to Sanskrit :-

  1. You read exercise.
  2. You write exercise.
  3. You do exercise.
  4. You do work.
  5. You eat food.

Words :

  1. You – त्वम् – tvam
  2. Read – लिख (लिख्) – likha
  3. do – कुरु (कृ) – kuru
  4. eat – खाद (खाद्) – khAda
  5. Exercise – अभ्यासः – abhyAsah – व्यायामम् – vyAyAmah
  6. Work – कार्यम् – kAryam
  7. Food – भोजनम् – bhOjanam



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