Sanskrit Institute

पठत संस्कृतम्

Polling Booth


2 responses to “Polling Booth

  1. vijayaa108 April 12, 2013 at 7:41 PM

    What you say is correct.
    For our country we need ONE LINKING language & that is SAMSKRITAM.
    All the other languages are ‘daughters’ of this most beautiful ‘mother of all languages’!
    This will unite s culturally & socially irrespective of region,caste,color or creed.
    Then Bharat will become that which our Rishis & Munis had desired for our Bharata Desham!
    We will have to promote this thinking among our people so that each one feels to be Bharateeya and not from his own small insular state.
    Sri ADI Sankaracharya did this exactly when he set up 4 Mathams in the 4 directions o our Desham!The Dimris of Garhwal who are in charge of Badrikashram temple in Badrinath were originally Namboodris from Kerala but with the passage of time & history this truth got buried in the dust.Such truths should be re-iterated again & again so as to become common knowledge.
    We must learn the true history of Bharat & try to understand first Who We Are as Indians & then find out WHO AM I ?
    And then there is no one nor anything that can stop our Desham from achieving the best both materially as well as in the higher Spiritual dimension!

  2. Fredricka Oz October 20, 2012 at 11:37 PM

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